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What Goes On Behind The Scenes Before The Show Opens?

Question: What does it take to get to the point where an exhibition is hanging and your patrons are flowing through the door? Well this post might give you a little insight into that.

One would like to think it's all plain sailing, however in my experience, there is often a little glitch or a big one, before everything is done and up. So how did we rate on that with the Waterline Exhibition. Hmmmm........ could have been better.

So everything was progressing quite smoothly, I got there about 15 minutes early and we set the paintings all around the walls, as you do.

We had progressed to about halfway through, when it became apparent that we were going to run out of hanging strings and hooks. Oh No! After asking around, it seemed there were only two of us who had any at home. This meant an hours round trip drive for me to go get mine, which I did. The moral of the story is, to make sure your gallery has enough hangers for you, beforehand. Know exactly how many works you intend to hang and work it out from there. Ideally each painting should be hanging on 2 hooks not one. That way they are far more likely to remain straight. And I think this is the reason hanging spaces often run short, because they calculate for only one hanger per painting.

So I hightailed it back to the studio and rushed round trying to find all my hooks and so on. Having located them I then had to put my name on them all so they could be returned after the event.

That done, the last works were hung and everything was ready fro the big day. Below is Kate Landsbury's work - with many sold stickers!

The standard of the work is very high, so if you are looking for a really original Christmas present, take yourself and your friends along to the Republik Cafe on Ocean Beach Rd Ettalong and grab a great gift or three.

The opening was standing room only! A great turnout. Thank you to everyone who came along.

The exhibition is still hanging and will be up until next Thursday. In fact there is a high tea with an artist talk on this Saturday if you would like to come along. Bookings are essential however.

We will be providing a complimentary glass of champagne to guests as they arrive at the High Tea (start 2:30pm). So do come along if you have a spare moment. $10 of the $25 fee for the High Tea will go to a charity. Tickets can be booked through The Re-Publik Cafe T: 4311 6842.

NEXT WEEK: Negativity - What Impact Is It Having On Your Art?

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