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What Important Lesson Does Van Gogh Have To Teach Us?

Last week I was discussing our two big fears as artists, selling and vulnerability. As a further add on to whether or not we should sell our work, or if it matters that we don't, lets look at Van Gogh for a minute. Here is an artist who sold only one or two paintings in his life. Now did that stop him painting? No. His work was rejected by the majority of the art community during his lifetime. He received no accolades, little encouragement and in fact was often villified wherever he went. And yet he still painted. He gave us a unique and beautiful vision of the world that has been recognised in our times for the wonderful gift to the world that it is.

Even to the point where it is shared around the world and used in amazingly new ways as you can see in the video below.

Teaser • Van Gogh, la nuit étoilée | Carrières de Lumières 🎥 Olam Productions

My point is that if he had given up because he couldn't sell his work, or he felt too vulnerable sharing it, with a world that seemed to despise him, millions of people would never have seen and enjoyed it.

Do not let fear and vulnerability get in the way of sharing your special, unique, creative gifts with the world. It matters not whether you are a poet, a sculptor a dancer, a cook or a painter - you are special. You are unique. And what you have to share with the rest of us MATTERS! You must develop your skills, share your vision, story, or gift because - no one else can - no one else has it - only you!

And while youre at it, you might as well get used to feeling vulnerable, because guess what - every time you pick up a brush, or a chisel, put on your dancing shoes and take those new steps - you are going to feel vulnerable. It comes with the territory.

So if you havent done anything creative in a while, sign up for that class you've been meaning to. And carve a chunk out of your week to spend only on creativity. Diarize it. Make it NON - NEGOTIABLE. If others roll their eyes or try to pressurize you out of it, ask them why they don't have it on their calendar. Don't they realize the importance of creating to their own mental and emotional wellbeing?

NEXT WEEK: Why do you need art in your life?

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