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What is Going on Inside The Art Studio This Week? Wanna Take a Peek Now?

Things are firing along quite nicely in the studio at the moment. I began and almost finished a new work last week. Here are some preliminary shots of that work.

This is the work in its beginning stage. I began with two thin layers of paint - Burnt Sienna and Intense Pink.

Next I went over the sky again with the pink and then began blocking in some of the other colours I wanted to add, Sap Green, Turquoise, Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber. Again the paint is fairly thin and in places it is only lightly dry brushed on top of the underlying colours.

Now I'm bringing in some of the water and reflections.


At this point I've covered the sky in a soft bluish mauve with some wispy white clouds rising in the center. They may not stay - not sure yet.

The beach now has some sand and the water in the lower left is beginning to take shape. Can you spot the other area I have now painted?

Here is the work in its finishing stages. The photo has come up a little too dark in the sky at top left its not really that dark. The painting still needs a little more tweaking and it will be done. I am thinking to finish it this week.

Also brought to a conclusion in March was the large flower painting I worked on for two months.

'Bouquet of Dreams'

The work will be uploaded to my gallery and the website this week.

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