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What Is The Best Way To Save Memories Of Your Trip?

OK so you are going on a trip and of course you would like to preserve some of those precious moments of your adventure. Well I can do that with my phone/camera you might say. But is that really enough? Perhaps it is the trip of a lifetime, somewhere you've never been before. Perhaps you have been wanting to do this for ages and finally, your time has come.

Or you may be a regular traveler but wanting to add something more to your experience. Either way, keeping a travel journal is something fun to do which can offer you a lovely way to revisit your trip again whenever you want to. There are a few different ways to do this, which don't require you to be an artist.

​Your travel journal is a somewhere you can write about trips you have taken, the experiences you had and what you learnt along the way. It is your personalized collection of memories, stories, discoveries and the adventures you had, while you were away.

Whether you travel alone or with someone else, doesn’t matter. You can still do your journal. I find keeping my own individual journal is best, however it can be a really great experience to work on your journal together with your traveling companion at the end of the day. This is a nice time where you can compare your notes and share your highlights. It is interesting to discover what your travel buddy found to be the best part of the day and see if it was the same for you. People notice different things so you can enhance each other’s experiences, by comparing notes in this way.

The other benefit to journaling while you are away is that it not only consolidates the days adventures, but it also can help you plan your next day’s itinerary. Perhaps you now want to explore something in a bit more depth or came across an opportunity do something you didn’t know about previously. Taking time to review what you have seen, enriches your experience and helps you to plan further highlights.

In the workshop you will discover five tips to help you get the most out of your travel journal as well as looking at the different types of journals available and which ones are best for your purposes.

To begin with I will offer you a choice of two different simple journaling methods, some of which can be prepared in advance before you even go anywhere.

Then if there is time we can learn further general journaling techniques, which you might want to use in your Travel Journal as well.

To sign up follow the link below….

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