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What is the The Rise of The Artpreneur? Are you an Artpreneur?


Have you noticed a rise in the term Artpreneur of late?

I've come across it in several instances in blog posts and articles referring to artists and their marketing practises.

So what is an Artpreneur exactly, and do you think you might be one?

Artpreneur at work
Artpreneur at work

In recent years, the term "artpreneur" has emerged to describe artists who adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to sustain and grow their careers. This concept reflects a significant shift in how artists view their work and their role in the broader economy. No longer content to rely solely on traditional avenues for income, many artists are now embracing business strategies to turn their passion into a profitable enterprise.

So what is an Artpreneur exactly, and do you think you might be one?

An artpreneur is an artist who applies entrepreneurial principles to their creative practice. This involves not only creating art but also managing the business aspects of their career, such as marketing, sales, and financial planning. The rise of the artpreneur is driven by several factors, including the changing arts economy, the increasing number of arts graduates, and the need for artists to diversify their income streams.

Many of these factors have been facilitated by the rise of digital technology including but not limited to; the Internet, online galleries and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Kadira Jennings instagram feed

The entrepreneurial mindset is characterized by creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and resilience—qualities that are also essential for artists. Both artists and entrepreneurs start with a blank canvas, whether it’s a literal canvas or a business idea, and transform it into something valuable through their skills and vision. This parallel is highlighted in the way both groups approach their work: with a willingness to embrace uncertainty, a drive for originality, and a persistence in the face of criticism and failure.

To succeed as an artpreneur, artists need to develop a range of skills beyond their creative talents. According to research, crucial skills for entrepreneurial success in the arts include strategic thinking, networking, leadership, financial management, and marketing.These skills enable artists to navigate the complexities of the market, secure funding, and effectively promote their work.

Despite the growing recognition of the importance of entrepreneurial skills for artists, there is still a gap in formal education. Many art schools and universities do not provide adequate training in business and entrepreneurship, leaving artists to learn these skills on their own or through external programs. Kathleen Connell, founder of a Sydney singing studio, emphasizes the need for more comprehensive entrepreneurship training in arts education to better prepare artists for the realities of the market.

Artist - Artpreneur, art business, the business of art
Artist - Artpreneur

For artists, becoming an artpreneur means taking control of their career and finding innovative ways to monetize their art. This can involve creating multiple income streams, such as selling original works, offering workshops, licensing designs, selling Fine Art prints or leveraging social media for marketing and sales. By adopting an entrepreneurial approach, artists can build sustainable careers that allow them to focus on their creative passions while also achieving financial stability.

The rise of the artpreneur represents a significant evolution in the arts industry. By merging creativity with business acumen, artists can not only survive but thrive in a competitive market. As more artists embrace this mindset, the distinction between art and entrepreneurship continues to blur, leading to a richer and more dynamic world for artists.


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