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What The Heck Is Dreaming On Paper?

So I think most people have heard about journalling, right? But what the heck is Dreaming on Paper or Creative Journaling? How is that different from a normal journal?

Some other questions people have about Dreaming on Paper are:

  1. Does that mean I have to be artistic, or an artist?

  2. Why can't I just do scrapbooking?

  3. Is it even different from scrapbooking?

  4. How does it differ from a normal journal?

  5. Is it different to a Visual Art Diary?

  6. Can anyone do it?

  7. Are there any pre-requisites to doing it?

  8. What materials and supplies would I need?

  9. How long does it take to do?

  10. Where can I find out how to do it?

  11. Why bother to do it, why not just keep a normal journal?

I look at my creative sketchbook, aka journal, or dreaming on paper as a container that documents my unfolding as I travel through my life. It has a great many advantages to it, one of the things I love about it is that it allows me to create something without any agenda, and only to please myself. It is therefore a great way of having ME time, (a subject for a future post).

I am going to share my New Year's Dreaming on Paper with you. I also create a vision board for the new year, but what I like about the Journal version is that it is portable. I can take it to a coffee bar and check up how I'm going. The strong visuals immediately clue me in to what I have a handle on, and what I'm letting fall through the cracks.

New Year's Journal
I might add that it is a work in progress....

I can always go back and add more. So how did I build this page?

1. I began by thinking about what I wanted to be a main focus in 2019. Being more loving to my body was what came up for me. I have begun my yoga practice again and even signed up for classes -something I only thought about all last year. I have begun some amazing practices around eating - being more aware of the food that I put into my body.

2. Because creativity is such a big part of my life a chose a picture to represent fresh energy and growth in my art business. A hand holding a living branch....

I have been waiting for the chance to use my four leaf clover and this seemed like the perfect time. It is a symbol of luck, growth and prosperity to me.

3. After I had chosen the pictures I wanted to use, I put a border around the page using Washi Tape. (Follow the link to find out where to get it.) Then I began sticking everything in place.

4. After that I began adding words etc where it seemed appropriate and voila - the finished page!

There are many different ways to dream on paper and this is just one of them. In May I will be holding a Dreaming on Paper Workshop.

NEXT WEEK: Am I an Artist? How do I know? What does it take?

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