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Who is My favourite Watercolour Artist?

My favourite watercolour artist is Shirley Trevena, a president of the Watercolour Society in England and author of at least 3 books about watercolours.

What I like about her work is the way she is able to translate the still lives she likes to works with, into beautifully abstracted images. Not only thatbut she has an absolutely superb sense of colour mixing that comes into play in the way she uses colour within her images. It's really very beautiful.

I would like to share some of those images with you.

She uses not only watercolours but also things like pastel pencil shavings, charcoal, oil pastels and so on. Her work has a very design like aspect to it which I really like, as she incorporates some beautiful mark-making.

AHere is a quote from her new book, Watercolours, ‘Deep purple lilies in a bucket outside a florist’s shop are hard to pass by. My first thought, ‘How many shall I buy?’, my second, ‘How do I mix that colour?’

gives an insight into how she thinks. This new book is unlike her previous books. It is not a ‘how-to’ instructional book, but rather a lovely collection of paintings and drawings that are taken from her life in art, from the age 7 onwards.

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