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Why is there Excitement in the Studio This Month?

The first thing I must do, before I get to my excitement, is apologize for my erratic blog posting over the last couple pf months. I had decided to cut back from weekly to fortnightly posts and then all of a sudden a month had passed me by!

I have been in somewhat of a creative slump this year so far and was pleased to finally get my mojo working again recently. I have begun a new painting which is coming along quite nicely and I have an idea for a new series! Now that is Exciting! Although it's not the excitement I was referring to in my headline. Here are some snippets of early progress on the new work.

Now for the Exciting news - Drum Roll!!! Another painting sold last week!

A big thank you to Bluethumb once again. They are a wonderful gallery and handle many of my sales now. Galleries are an essential part of most artist's lives if they wish to sell work. I don't have a bricks and mortar gallery currently, however this does not seem to be a problem in regards to selling my work. On line galleries like Bluethumb (who incidentally, now have a 3D presence) can offer an artist so much more in terms of exposure and international reach than the more traditional type of gallery. I think it is interesting that they started up a bricks and mortar gallery after establishing themselves online initially.

Perhaps we need both - after all it is always great to go and see an artists work in the flesh so to speak, don't you think?

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