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You've sold a Work, What's Next?

Have you sold an art piece recently? If so what's next? How do you begin a relationship with this new collector? Well here's a simple tip to help you end up with a picture like this.

A Road Less Traveled in it's new home.

One way of doing it is to drop them an email or send a hand written card. The latter is best. Ask them the following, "If you have a moment, would be willing to snap a photograph of the piece, I would love to see it in its new home, and I’d love to share the photo with clients who are considering my work. You can email the photo to me at (your email)" This simple request nearly always results in a photo or more than one, of the piece. I have found that my collectors are more than happy to take the photo, they enjoy showing the piece off. You valuing the work makes them value it more and often they love the idea of helping the artist’s career along. They often tell you why they chose your piece and what it means to them.

Where 'Joy' lives now.

That now gives you a photo of the piece in a beautiful setting which you can post to your website, in your portfolio, in your newsletter or on your blog. When future potential buyers see your work in other collectors’ homes they will be influenced and encouraged to enhance their collections too. When they buy, you’ll ask them for photos, and the cycle continues. Don’t be shy about asking – what is the worst that can happen? Well they might simply ignore you or outright refuse. As you know - if you don't ask the answer is always no! No one is going to be offended that you asked. Also, you know, it’s never too late to ask for this photo. In fact, getting in touch with past clients to ask for a photo of the artwork is a great excuse to get back in touch with a past buyer and remind them of your work. And of course it is a great way to get the image. Have you requested photos from collectors in the past? Have those photos helped you make sales? Post your experiences, opinions, and thoughts in the comments below.

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