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No More Mud - A colour Mixing Workshop Part I, is a work book on colour mixing that has evolved from the colour mixing workshops I teach.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there on this subject and not many clear and simple guides to understanding the science of colour mixing for artists.

This book begins with giving you a basic understanding of why and how things have colour and what that means for us as artists mixing paint. 

This book is meant to be hands on with many exercises to complete. It is my intention to offer this as a supported online course in the future - possibly coming in 2019. However for now the book can give you a clear and easy way to understand what is really happening as you mix your colours and why you get the results you do.

No More Mud - Colour Mixing Workshop - eBook

  • This ebook downloads as Pdf file and you will find in the back of the book, pages that contain colour swatches for some of the exercises. When colour matching these, I suggest you work off your computer screen, and then stick the corresponding swatches into your book. The reason for this is that people's printer output may vary in the accuracy of the colour and therefore your colours may appear differently from what they are intended to be.

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