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Strong Foundations.jpg
Shimmering Strength
76cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 3cm (D)


This painting is part of my flower series of works.  Now you may think this is just a pretty picture of a flower, however there is a lot more than that happening in this work. You see, as a professional artist, part of my practice is to question and explore the subject I'm painting. 

IMG_1829 sm.png

There are certain things I work to include in my subjects, among them, such things as : the flow of energy, colour, mystery and magic.  The flower here unfolds, but you aren't given to see the whole of that unfolding. There is a mystery here and you are being asked to think about the flower in a different way. That is why I've chosen this specific view of the flower. 


You can see the strength of the stem holding up the display of luscious petals above. Petals which are fragile and yet have a strength of their own, as they beckon us to take a closer look and to appreciate the beauty of 'Shimmering Strength' and the things it might have to teach us in our own lives.

I am a great believer in the power of Nature to teach us things and that we are all energy and  part of and connected to that matrix. This flower painting can also be used as a meditation tool, to tap into that energy field and help us to discover things about ourselves and nature that we might not have known before.

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