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The Mischievous Magpie

Mixed Media, Ready to hang

76cm (H) x 61cm (W) x 4cm (D)


Every painting tells a story. In this work, I tell the tale of The Mischievous Magpie.


Magpies are much loved by many people. They are highly intelligent and the Australian magpie is often considered to be,  not related to the more well-known magpie of the Northern Hemisphere. The Australian magpie is closely related to currawongs and butcherbirds.

The Magpie is considered, like The Tui,  to be a messenger - to have the ear of the Gods, so to speak. The Magpie however is also considered to be a spiritual custodian of cultural rule and law. For those who wish to understand more about the spiritual laws of the land around them, the Australian Magpie is a positive and helpful spirit guide to petition. If you find that Magpies are significant in your life, then you might find your attention is being drawn to the rules and laws of the spirituality that you follow

The Magpie also represents success. He is a success as a hunter, and at maintaining his territory, and family unit.

I have created this work in the style of Abstract Realism. This unique work is a mixed-media piece based on the Krystal Spiral. The latter is the blueprint of all design within the quantum field and as such brings a unique perspective to the work, as I draw a higher spiritual energy into our 3D world through this connection.

I have called this work 'The Mischievous Maggie' as we see him here picking up the thread of the Krystal Spiral in his beak. What do you think he might be doing with it? Unraveling the secrets of the universe perhaps.


I feel this is a work that may appeal to a wide range of people as it is a unique blend of the spiritual, woven through both realism and abstraction.

The Mischevious Magpie
Signature on the painting


The Mischievous Maggie
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