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Summer Song,flower painting
The Messenger
Kokotea - The Messenger

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In every artist's life, the time comes when the creative soul demands expansion.

For me, this has recently taken me into an exploration of the spiritual in art through the medium of abstraction.  This is something I have resisted for quite a long time (the abstraction that is) until recently when I came across an artist working in oils whose work spoke to me.

This has necessitated a very steep learning curve for me and a lot of uncomfortable boundary pushing and edge of the precipice teetering......

I have been attempting for a while, particularly in my floral works, to engage in a conversation which embraces the essence of what it is to be a soul reaching for the celestial realms. I am finding the vehicle of abstraction is, in fact, far more suited to this than my flowers were, although you may still find the odd one popping up here and there. 


It is my hope that you will enjoy this new direction in my work too. 

​Begin the creative journey you have always wanted to take!

Students painting in the studio
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