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Bouquet of Dreams

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Through my art, I tell the story of my love and connection to nature, which began in early childhood by being immersed in the New Zealand landscape. I want to show others the magic and mystery that I have discovered unfolding in nature, whether that is in mist-shrouded landscapes or the subtle beauty of flowers.

In Blenheim, New Zealand, I first felt a deep connection to the landscape. Although there were previous echoes of this in England, experienced by walking through ancient forests and discovering overgrown Roman roads and ruins at the tender age of four. One of my earliest memories was being enchanted by a magical sea of bluebells and daffodils in a hidden forest glade, in Epping Forest.

The unique wilderness of these ancient landscapes captivated my dreams of mystery and magic where evocative shapes and spaces connect to a history both human and Divine. My works currently decode the mysterious spaces and unfold the silence that I encounter within the heart of Nature, as I work with flowers and their deeply mysterious beauty.

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