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Kadira Jennings

Kadira Jennings was born in Tauranga New Zealand in 1952.

She began her art journey while staying with her older brother one summer holidays at age 15. Interestingly that first painting was a pine tree and trees often figure in her work to this day.

Her father was in the air force, which meant that her family frequently moved. Living in England and later in Blenheim NZ, her family exposed her to the wonder of ancient English forests, overgrown Roman roads and the rugged mountains and wild shores of the NZ South Island. These experiences have informed her life long love affair with and attraction to the unique wilderness of ancient landscapes and captivated her dreams of magic and mystery from a very young age.

She went on to attended Elam School of Fine art in Auckland New Zealand for three years during which time she studied under one of New Zealand's most famous artists - Colin McCahon and then took a break whilst bringing up a young family and moving to Australia in 1981. Taking up her art again she has studied under the following Australian artists - Judith White, David Andrews, John Morris and Kristine Ballard.

It could be said that her muse is New Zealand as her inspiration comes from, first and foremost, the towering mountains, hidden creeks and sparkling waters of New Zealand's terrain. Returning regularly is an essential part of her art practice.

Kadira's studio is located in Springfield on the Central Coast of Australia 80 Ks north of Sydney.

Her work falls into three broad categories - her Floralscapes,  Landscapes and more recently an exploration of the power of abstraction. Her work has morphed and changed over the years even as the very landscape she records has changed. 

One of the most important things to emerge has been her work with and understanding of quantum physics and her exploration of utilizing that in the way she paints.

She states" Everything is energy  and so through my work I am connected to the work on an energetic level.  My  emotional state at the time of painting is very important because if I am wanting to create something of beauty and that is spiritually uplifting, my consciousness must mirror that at the time of painting. " 

Her practice therefore involves entering a meditative state prior to painting and working with a clear intention.

A cosy corner in Studio KJ

A cosy corner in Studio KJ 

Southern Alps near Queenstown NZ

Southern Alps - Near Queenstown NZ

A Road Less Traveled

A Road Less Travelled

She says," Art has the power to transcend physical boundaries and reach into our souls. Through my art, I seek to ignite a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to reflect on the profound beauty often overlooked in our fast-paced lives."

Natures Hidden Jewel

Natures Hidden Jewel

Southern Hills I

Celestial Dreamscape.jpg

Celestial Dreamscape

A part of Kadira's art practice encompasses the idea that an original piece of art is a precious, one of a kind creation that en-capsules a small piece of the artist's creative vision and you might even say a piece of their soul. 
She believes that when we own something that is precious to us, it creates a warmth in our hearts, a connection to something that is deeper than the piece itself. Often that piece will connect us to a memory, of happy times, of people and places.
She states," In a sense the artwork becomes a talisman, an artifact that allows us to tap into another time and place at will."

Furthermore she calls us to be inspired with awe and reverence for the natural world, whilst nurturing empathy and stewardship for our planet.

"Join me on this artistic journey," she says, "as we uncover the hidden depths within ourselves and our interconnected world."

Southland sm.jpg

Mountains near Queenstown - NZ South Island

Southern Hills I

Southern Hills

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