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Cosmic Dance.jpg
Cosmic Dance

40" x 30", 102 cm x 76cm

           Oils on canvas


This work is the first one of my abstract series to fully engage the Krystal Spiral in its entirety. You can see part of it appearing within the work in the form of the spiral that begins in the very centre point of the painting and curls out clockwise from there. You can also see elements of the geometrical structure which supports the creation of this particular spiral.

The crystal spiral is created from a quantum mechanics mathematical equation and is considered to be the perfect structure underlying all of creation at the quantum level.


I have endeavoured to create an image which allows the beauty and perfection of that energy, to flow into this three dimensional reality in a way that we can perceive it. The work is not about only what you see, but also the vibrational energy that you can feel when you look at this image. It is a work created to help raise one's spirit to a higher energetic level.

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