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Luminous Waters
84cm (H) X 91cm (W)

I would like to share with you some thoughts from my Art Journal - about this work....
What appeals to me about this subject? I respond to the fleeting beauty of the translucent wave. caught momentarily through my lens. The water swells with an unseen power, creating a neverending kaleidoscope of fractal beauty.
As I sit at The Have (on the Central Coast) I wonder to myself - have these waters touched the distant shores of my beloved New Zealand.
Perhaps they have gentled the sands of Waitete Bay. Is there a connection as each water molecule is connected to the next, all the way to my bay?
Therefore if I put my hand in the water or touch the rocks close at hand - will there be a resonance of my homeland?

luminous waters.jpg
Wave  snippet 1_edited.jpg

Preliminary drawing from my sketchbook

Wave 1b.jpg
Wave 1.jpg

This painting, as you can see from the pictures fits well in a variety of different kinds of decor, making it a perfect partner for a wide range of rooms.

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