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Nature's_Hidden_Jewel SM.jpg

Nature's Hidden Jewel

76x106.5cm  30"x42"    
⁠ Oils on canvas - Gallery Wrapped
Sanctury 1.png

Have you ever been to a magical place? The place in this painting, Once Upon a Time, many years ago, was a magical place. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for it today as it has been overrun by tourists.


However, in my painting, it still is a magical place and I have endeavoured to convey the beauty and mystery that I experienced there at one time. Today it is known as Cathedral Cove, on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. However, when I used to visit, we called it Mare’s Leg Cove because of the odd-shaped rock protruding into the water.  Today this no longer exists, having literally been washed away by the tides of time.


It is my hope that as you look at this work, some of the peace and beauty from that Place and Time may soothe your soul, as it does mine.

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