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Are You Stuck For Content Ideas?

Writing for social media can be a very time-consuming endeavour in my experience. One of the things I found that helps is to have a plan. Figure out a whole bunch of things that you might want to share and talk about and put them into a calendar. I find this really destresses the process for me. I don’t have to think about what to write, I can just get on with it.

wondering what to cook for dinner

You know it's a bit like - what can I cook for dinner? I often think that trying to figure out what to cook is the worst part of cooking.

One of the ways I further simplify this process is to divide the months into four topic areas and then fit my posts into those. For example, I use the following broad topics in my blog:

  1. Mindset

  2. The Biz of Art

  3. In the Studio/News

  4. Reviews

  5. Challenges

Yes, I know that's five, but sometimes there are five weeks in the month so I need that extra topic! Here are some additional ideas for content.

• Juggling a day job with your art career

• Balancing art and motherhood/fatherhood

• Arts funding

• Art in the public schools

• Art lingo (definitions)

• Art Philosophy

• Teaching art

• The experience of speaking about your art in schools, galleries, and elsewhere

• How you price your art

• Why do you sell your work through a certain venue

• Why you chose to pull your work from a certain venue (no need to name names)

• The process of selling your art in galleries, festivals, online

• Other people’s blogs—take something they have written and respond to it in a new post

• Art publications you’ve discovered

• The news (art news or news from your niche)

• Creative well-filling activities: museum visits, art supply shopping missions, creative


• Topics you found on Twitter

• Things you’ve read on Facebook walls

• Artists in your family or black sheep

And that is just a few ..... I hope this helps.

Book cover of A New Way of Seeing by Kelly Grovier

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