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Creating Around Corona

Are you sinking, swimming or floating to the top?

It is times like these that we learn a lot about ourselves in a relatively short time. Some of these things will be a surprise, while others - well I might have preferred not to find out.

Difficult circumstances test our mettle, they force me to dig a lot deeper that I might be used to doing in the normal routine of my life. So how many weeks have I/ we all been effectively under house arrest now? For me its been about three weeks, I do believe. In many ways for me, not a lot has changed. And I've been forced to adapt my routine in other ways.

I'm in the studio.... But this CV Lock down has had some positive effects.

  • I have finally done something I've been wanting to happen for months and months. I finally put up the chandelier I bought way back when..... would you believe - a year ago 'blush'?

Until now it has been lurching like a drunk, leaning up against one of the walls.

  • I have created a video - with the help of my granddaughter who is now homeschooling with us, on how to stretch a canvas. Another task that has slipped under the radar for a long time.

  • I figured out how to do online art lessons - which, although not ideal - seem to be working reasonably well. Here I am being cheesy on Zoom.

  • I've even begun a new painting. Yeah!! I've finally almost finished the previous one which had begun dragging its feet. Well I thought it was finished actually, until I took this photo and realized there are a few things that I have forgotten to touch up . Bother! Well almost there.......

Kuaotunu Bay, Coromandle Peninsula, NZ
Kuaotunu Bay

  • I've also found my self to be digitally challenged not only with zoom. I decided to video the painting of my latest work - well can you see anything wrong with this view?

Yeah you got it and how long its taken me to find a solution I can't tell you. Way too long and several downloads and YouTube videos later I finally found a way to fix it.

Many vertical learning curves in the last two weeks.......

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