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Documenting Inventory - How To Keep Track of Your Art Pieces.

One of the major tasks that faces me as an artist is keeping track of my inventory . This falls into two categories.

1. A Painting Inventory

2. A Materials Inventory.

When I first started out I was using an Excel spreadsheet to track both of these. However now there are quite sophisticated inventory tracking systems available. I have two different ones that I use for tracking my artworks. The best one is Artwork Archive. I am including some screen shots here of the back end. These show you all the different things available to help me track my art work and manage my art business.

One thing I love is the schedule which helps me keep track of what exhibitions I’m entered in, when the notification, delivery and pick up dates and when the award dates are. Not only that it sends me weekly reminders to my email.

Adding artwork to my inventory is easy and once it is there I can also keep track of where it is through a very simple interface.

This program is my number one choice for keeping all these aspects of my art business together. See pricing options below. I also prefer the way it does things like printing labels and consignment notes.

Another program which I was using before Artwork Archive came along and which I still keep going, because it has some very early inventory in it, is called ArtSala.

As you can see this also has a fairly friendly user interface, however it is a little more dated in its functionality than Artwork Archive. Below is the page where I can add and edit inventory.

Pricing options for Artsala are below......

I hope this has given you some help in regards to keeping your own inventory.

Next Week: Studio Notes - whats going on in the studio this month?

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