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Does Your Art Have A Universal Theme?

Universal themes. - what are they and why might they be important to my art work.?

A universal theme is something that most of us can relate to. It is something that we may have experienced or become familiar with through movies, songs and books.

So what are some examples?

abuse of power action vs apathy

beating the odds beauty

coming of age corruption

courage effects of the past

faith fall from grace

family fate

fear fear of failure

freedom friendship

greed hate

heritage heroes

This is a topic I have been considering of late And how my work relates to it. So thinking about it a bit more - here is what I did........

as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words.

As you can see from my journal entry I have a major theme and many different angles that I can address to explore that major theme. Nature being my overarching theme, presents a variety of ways to be considered. This means that I might do a body of work which examines beauty in nature - my flower paintings certainly fall into this category. Then I might choose to explore climate change and how that is impacting my environment, or simply document movement and flow within the landscape - which is one of the things to be found in my current work. In the work below, I am examining the relationship between the ebb and flow of this landscape which is entwined within its patterns, shapes and colours.

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