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Inside the Creative Chaos: A Day in the Life of an Art Studio

As a professional artist, each day in my studio is a blend of creativity, discipline, mess and passion.

While the romantic notion of the artist at work often conjures images of inspired strokes on a canvas, the reality is a bit more chaotic than that.

Join me on a journey through a typical day in my studio, where art and business intertwine to create a career in the arts.

My day usually begins early, with a steaming cup of coffee and a moment of quiet contemplation. This time allows me to center myself before diving into the day's tasks.

I begin with a half hour meditation which is a deep dive into my own serenity and connection to self.

Peaceful picture, meditation

Then I review my schedule, which includes painting, marketing, and administrative work.

One day of the week, usually a Tuesday is an exclusive studio day for me and will focus on

my current painting project. This week I'm working on a new series of abstract realism works with an underlying framework using the quantum Krystal Spiral.

I already had a canvas previously prepared with an outline of the Krystal Spiral and I start by sketching out the composition, ensuring that each element is balanced and harmonious. Then, I mix my paints, carefully choosing the right hues to capture the essence of this work.

Once I'm ready to begin painting I take some time to stand in front of the canvas, close my eyes and focus on the intent I have for the work, the energy I want to channel into it and ask for help from any of the higher creative forces that might like to assist me.

As I paint, I lose myself in the process. Time seems to stand still as I layer colors and blend tones. At this point I am only laying down an underpainting of colour in acrylic across the whole work.

Purple acrylic paint on a white canvas
New beginnings

Each brushstroke is deliberate, although often subconsciously guided by my vision for the final piece. Painting is not just a job for me; it's a form of meditation, a way to express my deepest thoughts and emotions.

After a few hours of painting, I take a break to stretch and refuel. Sometimes I will check my emails and social media accounts. As a professional artist, promoting my work is important, so I devote time periodically to engage with my audience and reach out to potential buyers.

After lunch - it is back to the easel, or sometimes as happened this week, it was literally back to the drawing board to work on the design I want to superimpose over part of the painting.

By the end of the day I have reached this stage, the completed, acrylic, underpainting. The colours might look a bit to bright at this stage and that is because I intend to paint over them.

But wait there is one more lay I need to do before I finish up.

If you compare this picture with the one before it,  you will see that the bottom picture appears to be lighter than the top one. I have put an oil glaze, that is a very very thin layer of paint, over the top of the underpainting. Once that was dry I put another glaze on top of that to knock it back even further. Below is the top of the painting after a further oil glaze was added.

Two layers of oil glazing over under painting
Two layers of oil glazing over under painting

Here is a photo of the drawing I was working on. I play with different ideas both in programs like Procreate and the old fashioned way using pencil and paper.

Study for current painting
A working drawing

As the day draws to a close, I take stock of what I've accomplished. Another layer or two added to my painting, a design worked out or a new connection made in the art world. Each day is a step forward in my artistic journey and brings with it challenges, new and old.

Some challenges are technical in nature, while others can be mental and emotional. One thing is certain, Life in the studio is never dull - oh except when I have to do my tax!

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