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STRUCTURE - Lets Talk About Composition.

As we live in an age where anything goes, you will see paintings that range from rigidly structured compositions to ones that have no apparent compositional structure at all. If you look at Leonardo's Last Supper painting you can see the basic perspective underlying this work.

Now take a closer look at this - it is even more complex than is first apparent. Below is an incredibly elaborate, perspective, underlay, which doesn't even take into account the figures themselves!

In contrast, lets take a look at this drip painting which at first glance appears to be far more complicated and structureless.

This is also a complex image, however, by comparison, it is incredibly random - or is it? It might be argued here that the black lines provide a sort of structure to this work. Whether that was planned or accidental, we might never know. In fact if you focus on any one colour, there is a kind of energy that dances you around the painting. It is primarily a painting about line and energy. It is the line that is doing 90% of the work here as there are no flat planes of colour like those we se