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What is the Highest Goal an Artist Can Aspire To? Why is it Not Money or Fame?

The highest goal an artist can aspire to is a matter of personal and philosophical perspective. While many artists seek recognition, money, and fame, there are deeper and more profound aspirations that are often considered more valuable by both artists and the artistic community. Here are some reasons why money and fame are not necessarily the highest goals for an artist.

Water Lilies - Claude Monet
Water Lilies - Claude Monet

Maintaining artistic integrity and staying true to one's creative vision is often more important to artists than pursuing financial success or compromising their art for the sake of popularity.

Many people embark on the painting path as a means for self-expression and creativity.

The act of creating art can be a deeply fulfilling and cathartic experience, providing a sense of purpose and personal growth that goes beyond financial gain or public acclaim. We are all creative beings at some level or another.

This self expression often leads to personal growth and self-discovery. It can be a process which allows the artist to better understand themselves and their place in the world. This is often where Art Therapy comes into play and can be used as a powerful tool to work through personal issues and trauma.

Then there are some artists that aspire to communicate and connect with their audience on a profound level. They use their work to evoke emotions, provoke thought, or inspire change. The power of art to convey important messages or ideas can be more meaningful than monetary wealth.

Adolf the Superman portrays Hitler as a heartless puppet who swallows gold and spews junk in return.
John Heartfield, poster of Adolf the Superman portrays Hitler as a heartless puppet who swallows gold and spews junk in return.

Because of this, many artists seek to contribute to the cultural and social fabric of society. Their work can reflect the times, comment on important issues, or challenge societal norms. These contributions can have a lasting impact on the world and go beyond personal financial gain.

Another important aspect is that of honing ones craft. The discipline and practice needed to achieve mastery includes many long hours at the easel.

Some artists may aspire to leave a lasting legacy and influence future generations. Their work can inspire others to pursue their own creative passions, thereby contributing to the perpetuation of artistic traditions and innovation.

Creating art can also be a source of emotional and spiritual fulfillment. The act of bringing one's imagination to life, capturing beauty, or expressing one's innermost thoughts can be deeply satisfying. It is this latter path that interests me. The capturing of the higher vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and abundance - and enshrining them in paint, fascinates me.

Dragonfly Dreams - abstract painting by Kadira Jennings in blues with violet
Dragonfly Dreams

While money and fame can be byproducts of a successful artistic career, they are not inherently the highest or most meaningful goals. Every artist's journey is unique, and their aspirations may vary widely. Ultimately, the highest goal for an artist is a deeply personal and subjective matter, rooted in their own values, motivations, and sense of purpose in the world of art.

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