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Kadira Jennings art school director



Why get a private lesson? There are many reasons why people choose to have a private lesson. Here are some of them.


  • It is a perfect way to begin lessons if you are worried about your lack of expertise.

  • We can get to know each other a little bit in a non-threatening atmosphere without others looking on, or listening in.

  • Many of my students began with one or two private lessons, to build their confidence before they ventured into a group class.

  • If you are shy, group classes can be intimidating at first, when you don't know anything. Fear of looking silly in front of others, because they are better than you, is a common thing for beginners.

  • Not only beginners take private classes. Quite often my regular students will take a private class to spend quality time with me because they are wanting to learn a specific technique, or dive deeper into their Art Practice.

  • Private classes are also a perfect way to help you if you are experiencing creative blocks. This tends to happen for students in the intermediate and later stages of their Art Practice.  That is not to say, beginners don't also become creatively blocked, but it is often for different reasons.

How Do We Go About It?


  • WHEN: Private classes are on Wednesday & Friday afternoons.

  • WHERE: The Studio, 60 Maitland Rd Springfield

  • HOW: Call me on 04 144 38121 to book in

  • WHAT: What is my investment? - $80 an hour

Student painting at an easel
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