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Hi there,

Welcome to the studio - nice of you to drop by.  I'm currently working on another large flower - a rose..... with a difference. I am in the process of tying together several strands of my art practice into a unified whole and creating something rather different but similar at the same time.  You will see echoes of both my florals and landscapes in these pieces.


Most of my works begin with some kind of drawing. This is particularly the case for my new series of works. I am melding and morphing photos of flowers and landscapes into a beautiful new whole.

This is the drawing in graphite, for the first painting in this series.


Wiping excess graphite off my pencil with whatever comes to hand. In this case it was a fallen camellia petal!

To the left is a recently completed drawing. I'm not sure that I will paint it now - if I do, I will have to make some modifications.


My paintings seem to be irresistible to these tiny little bugs. They face plant into the paint, never to rise again, leaving me the unenviable task of trying to get rid of them without sabotaging my work.

Progress 12/10/21