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What is Your Most Important Resource

Updated: May 22, 2019

We were talking about organization the other week. An element of that is structure. Unfortunately structure is something many creatives think is not important in their quest for creative excellence. However, really, nothing could be further from the truth.

I know many creatives who feel that structure hampers their creativity, however the trick is to learn to see it not as the enemy, but rather as a friend who can create a sense of security as well as achievability.

Structure, doesn’t have to mean rigidity and I think it is the latter that makes creatives shy away from it. If your body had no underlying skeletal structure - the muscles would have nothing to hang off, and the skin would look pretty bad draped over your bones only. If you think about it the human body is a triumph of creative engineering, highly complex on all level and every part and function has an underlying structure to it.

Skeleton and muscles
Your body is a perfect example of the importance of structure.

The most important thing to consider when talking about structure related to your life, is the element of Time.

For example how do you organise your life, your day to day, month to month minutea? Are you a list maker, a diary keeper, a scrap paper scribbler or ……. ? And how well does that serve you? Do you find you waste a lot of time hunting for lost things or being late, or forgetting important details. All these things, while perhaps seeming trivial, if they are only isolated incidents, soon mount up if they are regular events. And the net result of that is you have wasted your most precious resource. You have squandered it away and nothing you can do will every bring it back.