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A Day In The Studio. Studio Management - What's Best Practice?

Id like to say that my day in the studio starts with a cup of coffee - that sounds like it would be the thing don't you think? But no - actually it begins with a cup of tea and half an hour drawing.

Pencil drawing of bird totem

NEXT: I have great intentions

These include some form of exercise - Tai Chi, walking, gardening or yoga. Like I said the intention is there - doesn't always happen!

NEXT: Planning

  • Depending on the day will determine whether or not I'm doing a mock up of goals for the week or just that days tasks.

  • I have an awesome diary, which lets me interchange pages where needed. Plus a monthly overview for4 major tasks.

  • Are wondering what the red filled circles are about?

  • That's my record of how much water, tea coffee etc I drink each day. Each circle equals one cup

  • The dashes with red lines through are the tasks I've finished. If I don't get them all done that day I put an arrow next to it and then pick it up again for the next day's list.

NEXT: Doing

  • Again depending on what day it is - depends on what happens next. I have to have my week quite structured to fit everything in.

  • Tuesdays are my painting days and that day might begin with sketching up some ideas, once it is studio time. Then if its like yesterday I might procrastinate - tidying up - washing forgotten to clean brushes, doing emails, even reading something - 'sigh' - trying to convince my self that the blank white canvas isn't really so scary and yes I can do it.

  • Then I suddenly remember that I haven't done my pre painting meditation yet. So I launch forth to a favourite spot in the garden - bare feet on the earth(if its not too cold) and do my meditation for ten minutes or so. Then I really am ready to begin.

  • Yesterday, though was a disaster because as soon as I stopped moving - I was mobbed by a dozen mosquitoes. no meditation happening in the gardens serenity then!!

  • Then back inside - deep breath - organize paint , mix colours and hope for the best.

  • I began two small paintings yesterday and need to wait for them to dry now before I can continue.

So these are the works in progress at the end of the day.

The painting below, I finished last week and is one of my favourites so far.

You can find it on Bluethumb where it is on sale currently for 10% off - and has come down to $2853 The Sale Ends 11:59pm AEDT Monday, 27 November.

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