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Adventures in The Art Studio. What's exciting This Month?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Well hello again. It's been a while - far too long actually...... Last year it seems I fell into some sort of a funk and not a lot came out of my studio - everything seemed to suffer, from social media posts to my painting. However, now I seem to have my mojo back and have started off the year really well.

I had three painting sales recently. Two of them occurred in January and one this week in February.

La Bella is finding her way to a new home next month. She was also a finalist in the Hornsby Art Prize in 2022.

'Shimmering Strength' is also making its way to a new home very soon.

Then there is Peace - the first work in my new landscape series, which left the studio last Wednesday. The works in this series are paintings are of places I have worked with before, but am now tackling using a new palette and a more abstract treatment of the forms.

Another step I have taken since I returned is to begin doing some reels on Instagram! Finally! Its funny how we put things off, and off and off...... and yet when you finally bite the bullet and do it - its much easier than you thought it would be! It takes nome much less time to do a reel than it does to prepare a post - who would have thought??

The third work is called 'The Cove' and can be found on the other side of the Coromandel Peninsula. It is a private beach which can only be accessed by climbing over several rather large hills to get here. There is a private road snaking in there but it is not somewhere the general public would ever find as there is no public access.

There is a house down there somewhere but it cannot be seen from this angle. The Coromandel Peninsula has many hidden magical places like this, tucked away out of sight.

I finally got back to New Zealand in January 2023 and I think this is a large part of the reason my mojo has returned. NZ is my muse and being kept locked out for three years because of covid restrictions took a big toll on my creative soul.

So how are things progressing for you in your creative life? What is the one thing you can do to move forward this week? My one thing is working to get my new flower finished.

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