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Adventures in The Art Studio. What's exciting This Month?

Well hello again. It's been a while - far too long actually...... Last year it seems I fell into some sort of a funk and not a lot came out of my studio - everything seemed to suffer, from social media posts to my painting. However, now I seem to have my mojo back and have started off the year really well.

I had three painting sales recently. Two of them occurred in January and one this week in February.

La Bella is finding her way to a new home next month. She was also a finalist in the Hornsby Art Prize in 2022.

'Shimmering Strength' is also making its way to a new home very soon.

Then there is Peace - the first work in my new landscape series, which left the studio last Wednesday. The works in this series are paintings are of places I have worked with before, but am now tackling using a new palette and a more abstract treatment of the forms.