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Happiness and Creativity

Artist Robert Genn notes in an issue of his newsletter, that in the book “Against Happiness” writer Eric Wilson“disparages our current love affair with putting on a happy face.”

Wilson goes on to say that, 'A state of thoughtful melancholy and sensitivity breeds an elevated creativity and a more profound happiness.'

Robert Genn a Canadian painter who produced a weekly newsletter with many helpful tips in it seems to disagree with this view point. He held a Seminar called - The Painters Keys which he later published as a book. Here are a few of his recommendations: ~ Work alone and be your own motivator.

~ Take time for private wandering and nature's gifts.

~ Dig around and explore purposefully.

~ Serve others as well as your own passions.

~ Look for potential in all things and all beings.

~ Face life's deeper meanings squarely and truthfully.

~ Move through thoughtful understanding to pervasive action.

~ Know you are partner in a great brotherhood and sisterhood.

~ Accept sadness as part of the human condition.

In the book he begins by talking about happiness and an experience he had as a child, which profoundly affected his later experiences in terms of succeeding with his art.

This book is available on google books or you can still buy second hand copies relatively cheaply.

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