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Studio Hack #1: What Do You Need For A Fabulous Art Studio?

As you are probably aware art studios come in all shapes and sizes. Is there a one-size-fits-all kind of studio, well when it comes to artists, I don't think that statement fits any of them. Artists are all different and have different requirements. Some artists are happy to have a small space, such as the one you see below. Artists who fall into this category might include people whose work is smaller such as drawing, watercolours, and small works of art.

Small Studio

Of course the larger your work is the bigger the space you're going to need. Over the years I have had many different studios ranging from a spare bedroom in my house to the mezzanine floor in a factory bay, half a double garage which eventually became all mine much to my partner's disgust, until now I have a two room studio. So really I have two Studios.

Studio I

Even though we might need different sized Studios there are some elements that remain the same that need to be considered. probably the most important one is lighting which is a topic for a post all on its own, so I won't go into that today. Suffice to say that as much natural light as possible is always a good thing.

The next important thing is the flooring. Depending on what your art practice is, will determine what kind of flooring you need. I'm also going to dedicate a whole post to this topic.

Then of course there are factors such as, access to water and clean up facilities, an accessible toilet, storage, power points and studio furniture. Also be aware of what heating and cooling needs your studio will have.

Let's take a look at some of the Studios out there that are on offer.

This studio, despite appearances is not overly large. It is about the size of a single car garage or a bit bigger. However it feels much bigger because of the really high ceiling.

Now this is the kind of studio I would love! So much space, wonderful light, plenty of storage space for materials and paintings.........

This studio on the other hand is quite small, but they have cleverly made use of the limited space by utilizing the spare space under the stairs, an area which often goes to waste in a house.

So you can see that many different types of spaces can be utilized. What does your studio look like? - share on my Facebook page

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