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Notes From an Artists Journal

I have decided to do something different with my blog this year. I have divided the year into quarters and each quarter will be devoted to a different topic. These topics cover the areas of life engaged as a professional artist, from thought processes to business practices. The four main headings I'm dividing this into are: Influences, Jottings from an Artist Journal, Structure and Studio Notes.

I haven't decided yet whether I will post them in four blocks of content, or whether I will just intermingle them all. I guess we will find out as I go along. To give you an idea of what is in the four areas I will be covering here is a breakdown:

  • STRUCTURE - the idea of structure is that all artwork has some kind of structural basis to it which can be broken down into the following ideas:

  • line

  • composition

  • values

  • colour

Of course there are many subtopics within the above ideas.

  • INFLUENCES: This topic includes people and things that have influenced either my artwork or some aspect of my art business during my career as an artist. Thus it might include mentors, teachers, other artists, books and courses that I have done.

  • JOTTINGS FROM AN ARTISTS JOURNAL: This section includes part of my history as an artist taken from the time when I began keeping art journals. It is an insight into the background of my thought processes and art practice as I journeyed through the difference series that I have painted. The ups and downs of an artist's life.A peek into an artist's mindset.

  • STUDIO NOTES: The posts in the section relate to the artist's studio specifically. I will therefore be discussing things like - materials like, paints, brushes and canvas as well as spatial organization, studio practice, and different tools such as Photoshop, iPad, cameras and so on - ie. hardware and software that collaborate on the artist's journey.

Also I will be posting a lot less frequently but the post will contain more information - more like a longer article - sectioned into easily digestible bites.

You can look forward to the first post in this series at the beginning of February.

I am going to leave you with some links to some of the most popular blog posts I've done.....

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