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Student Painting/Learning

How Do We Go About It?


For expressions of interest, please email me at


  • WHERE: The Studio, 60 Maitland Rd Springfield

  • HOW: Call me on 04 144 38121 or email as above for more information.

  • WHAT: What is my investment? - This varies according to the different workshops.

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Workshops are an opportunity for a whole day of concentrated learning on a specific topic. I hold workshops throughout the year on the following topics:


  • No More Mud! :  Colour Mixing I. This workshop is a prerequisite to any of the other colour mixing workshops. It covers basic colour mixing principles, including the Double Primaries colour wheel, Warm and cool colours, Colour terms, tints, shades and tones. 


  • Colour Mixing II: Understanding Values and their importance in any artwork. This workshop begins with a recap of the basic colour wheel and looks at how to create value charts in black and white and colour.  Small paintings are created using the knowledge gained. 



  • Colour Mixing III: Workshop Extraordinaire!  Complementary Colour - what is it and how to use it in traditional and abstract paintings? Analogous Colour 




  • Art Journaling: The artist's journey.  How to develop your voice and vision through the medium of Creative Journaling. 







  • How To Deepen Your Art Practice:  A day spent learning techniques to help with working through artists block, what it means to dive deeper into who you are as an artist and how to get to those deeper levels. 

All Colour Mixing workshops come with a take-home workbook containing all the exercises and course information.

All workshops are currently held at the studio and very hands-on with lots of practice and exercises to do.


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